When you think you can’t: do it anyways





My training is a couple weeks past the halfway point and I’m less than a month away from race day. Where has the time gone!? These last ten weeks have truly been a fun ride and is helping me see and understand myself more. It’s a mixture of the running (of course), stretching, a bit of cross training, carbin’ it up, and simply feeling more connected with my surroundings.

Anyways, I learned a crucial lesson this week which I’ve always heard but didn’t really feel it until this week. The lesson is that the more I stopped the more tired I feel. Not this is a special lesson or anything, but learning this is helping me tell myself to keep going and not try to stop, especially when it comes to those damn stoplights.

I realized this phenomenon during a four mile run I was seriously not looking forward to and almost didn’t do. I really didn’t have any excuses and I definitely did not want to look back at the end of the week and see that I skipped out on a workout so recklessly. So I thought those four miles were going to be slow, awful, and dreadful because I was in a stressful and bad mood. But my run was the exact opposite. I didn’t have to stop at all on my route around Capitol Hill and I felt energized throughout it all. I think that was my fastest four miles outside by a couple minutes. I think a big part of it was also from the PB&J I ate before my run. Now I can justify eating PB&J! Love them.

This lesson hit home during my 11 miles with my running partner. We had to stop multiple times, and I felt as though my energy level was really lacking as the run went on. I still felt great after the run, of course, as you can’t really regret a workout. I am not upset or anything that we had to stop, far from it. We still got those 11 miles in. And I am proud of us. How can I complain about accomplishing 11 miles, even if it included some walking? That sounds ridiculous.

Unleashed from the treadmill



This is the face of a girl who found happiness running outside, and not on the treadmill. After my wonderful run outside on Saturday, I became irritable, impatient, and bored on the treadmill this morning. I was looking outside and became a bit envious of the people running outside as though I were the little mermaid – “I wanna be where the people are …”

At first I thought I just didn’t have the strength to go on any further, but I KNEW that my body could keep going. I just had to get off the treadmill and get outside, even though it’s quite cold out there.

I stopped after 7 minutes and went back on a couple minutes later to do a mile and then I can finish the rest of the 3.5 miles outside. What a treat! What has happened to me that running outside makes me so happy!? We’ll see how long this lasts as my mileage goes up.

I made it to volunteer park. And on my way back I was so happy to see another runner almost at the end that I pumped my fist in the air, smiled at him, and said “almost there!” I continued the rest of my slow run smiling at random people on the street. I hope my smile was sufficient for them to get their day started on a positive note.