When long runs become a normal thing



This is exactly what I tell myself to mentally prepare for my runs, especially when I am sitting on my bed debating on whether I should delay my run to eat. Is it even possible to regret a workout? I don’t think so. As I run more, I really do appreciate running more and more. It gives me something to look forward to, particularly that bad ass feeling I get when I finish and stretch it out. Although, I am not fast or going very far, I still consider myself a runner.

This week of training is prepping me for peak week. I am going from 27-29 miles in the last two weeks to 36 miles this week. I am doing my best to not let that number get to me and take each run day by day. My shortest run this week is 5 miles, and I just ran 9 today. I couldn’t help but ask, “Since when did my use-to-be long runs become a normal thing throughout the week!?” My first run using the NIke Running app was running my first 5 miles, ever. And I was very nervous. Now, tell me to run 5 miles and I’ll think that it’s half of the 10 miles I did last weekend.

Imagine what was going through my head when I saw that I was to run 9 miles today, on a Tuesday, as if it were a regular thing! HA. Nike must be messing with me. And it lied/deceived me, as it says 9, but when I click on it to start running, it was actually 9.25. Joke’s on me. Anyway, I definitely had to mentally prepare for this run because I didn’t want to skip a run, just because I was scared of a long run that I was nervous about just a couple weeks ago. Just gotta put on my clothes, charge my phone, decide on a route, and get moving.

How did I prepare? I decided to give Swedish Fish and Gatorade G2 a try. I am glad I did because I felt great throughout my run and did not hit a wall. A big thing was that I felt much more hydrated than I have on my last long runs without anything to drink. And of course, I can’t complain as I absolutely love Swedish Fish, and I don’t even have to feel guilty eating them. “No ragrets, not a single letter(fishy)” Even though I am preparing for this half marathon to finish, and not for time, I have noticed my time for the long runs is getting slightly better throughout my training. Yeeee. All this work is paying off and I am loving it. But I don’t think I will ever enjoy the hills. Nope.

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