Slowly, but those 10 miles were still conquered



Here’s a snap shot of my run to Lake Union. Despite the clouds, it’s was a rainless and comfortable run. No complaints what so ever. When I woke up this Saturday morning at 5:55am I couldn’t even think of an excuse of why I couldn’t run that morning. I wanted to accomplish my first ten mile run this morning and I wasn’t going to let my mind tell me otherwise.

Overall, the run was great. I didn’t hit any particular wall that I can recall and I finished feeling happy and ready to take on the day. My legs are sore, but it’s a good soreness? I also tried FRS chews before and during my run for the first time, compliments from my gym. I’m not sure if it made much of an effect. I’ll try my next run without them and use my traditional gummies and maybe dried fruit.

What made this run unique was not only that it tested my ability to push out a longer distance, but I felt as though I was being tested to emotionally to get through it. I have been constantly told throughout my life that although I’m doing “OK” it looks like I’m not pushing myself enough and that I can do more. I notice that during my runs and I keep making the excuse that I’m just trying to get the distance in and not push myself too hard. I know it’s a lame excuse, and that’s something I will work on going into the new week.

Side note- I’m starting to realize more how much I enjoy feeling so connected to everything around me. During school and studying I feel so secluded into sitting at a desk, studying accounting. And then I get that release during my runs to feel my connection to the world. I’m not meant to be locked away in the office. I want to be connected with life and the people around me.

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