Finished the week strong!



This week started out pretty crappy and was a struggle to feel motivated to do my runs, even my two barre workouts seemed to be a bit annoying. But throughout this week I told myself that it just must be a minor wall I just hit right smack in the middle of my training. But you know what, I still got my milage in. Although I may have “had” to stop during my runs, angry and frustrated at myself, I still got it done.

When it was time to run four miles on Friday, I wasn’t expecting much. But hey, it actually turned out to be a pretty awesome run. I started out on the treadmill, then went out in the sunshine to volunteer park to take that photo above. How can you not like a run when there’s sun, blue skies, a light breeze, and a beautiful view!? Although I did get passed by an old guy, and that’s actually pretty hilarious.

At the end of each workout I was happy with myself for at least getting it done. You really can’t regret a workout, only one that didn’t happen. Why should I beat myself up for not doing as great as I hoped? I am really seeing that all this training is not just about getting in the milage and going home. Running is becoming a passion for me – and if I’m not enjoying myself then something is wrong. I am learning to accept that not all runs are amazing. There’s going to be some times when it just isn’t your day. It just so happens that was my motto this entire week. Oh well.

After accomplishing my longest run this morning of 9.25 miles, I feel great and more than glad to have my excitement back for running. Sadly, I did not have my running partner with me and was seriously nervous and afraid for this long run on my own. She was running with me in spirit and I felt her support.

As I reflect on my run, I am trying to note what may have made it such a good run. 7 hours of sleep is definitely a good factor. I ate tons of food and carbs all week, not even sorry about that. I stopped eating meat on Monday, which has been a fairly easy change. I ate some gummy bears during my run. And I started 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Plus, the nike running app is pretty awesome for updates, instead of running blindly.

Also, I don’t recall really hitting a wall during my run, making me want to stop. This particularly happens during mile three when running up hill from downtown. But this time I was running uphill during mile five and six.

Progress was definitely made this week! I was afraid I was falling backwards in my training, but that dumb wall I hit maybe was necessary and not so dumb as it made me stronger. I think it’s time to try and pick up my pace. What what.

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