The runner’s “connection”



Here’s a snap shot I took while running around a park. I was amazed by the beautiful sky, the clouds, light sun, and most of all … No down pour of heavy wind like Saturday. Just as I thought, I felt more appreciative of this weather and atmosphere to run in after my last run. But I still enjoyed the water land run.

At this point in my training my mind and body is becoming accustomed to run frequently. The four miles I did that day around the park didn’t even make me afraid of the run prior like it did my first time trying it out. Progress? I think so.

Anyways, the topic of today’s 10k run around the city was the connection I really began to feel with the runners around me. It was during my last two miles and I was going up the hill of downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill and I spotted a guy running across the street going the other direction. I guess he saw me too from the other end of the wide street and for some reason I pump my first in the air at him happily and he did the same! This gesture just made me so happy, and that’s when I started to officially refer to myself as a runner. It’s as though we’re all in a ginormous running club, wherever we go. We have that connection. Or I’m probably just crazy, imagining all of this.

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